STEVE JEE BA (hons) Fine Art (GSA)
Before moving to the North Wales coast in 2005 I had lived and painted in London, Bristol, Cornwall and Scotland.

I took an Arts Foundation course in the 'seventies but following that was self-taught for many years gaining a BA (hons) in Fine Art (Painting and Theory) from the Glasgow School of Art in 1995 after a four year course of intense study and practise.

My work is inspired by landscape, interiors, still life and abstract art. Painting to me is like a visual language - not just a representation of the physical world per se but a narrative, a journey combining outer visual experience with inner thoughts and feelings. This is transcribed through shape, line and colour - manoeuvring paint on the surface. Some areas are controlled, some automatic. Drips, splatters and runs to fine brush and pencil work. They are reworked or partly erased, washes, scumbling and glazes applied until a harmonious result is achieved.

The paintings are acrylic on canvas or board although I also do some oils and mixed-media. I also use photography, video and digital imaging with sound/music to produce cine-abstractions.

I have exhibited solo and mixed in Bath, Bristol, London, Glasgow and North Wales. I am now a member of the Helfa Gelf open studios project.

There are works in homes and offices in London, Bristol, Bath, Brighton, Oxford, N.Wales, USA, Holland and Australia